Menu Engineering

The success of the restaurant business heavily relies on the product we offer in our menu.” Customer is our boss” is the foremost term for us before we conceptualize the menu for your business. So the menu shall be pivoted to the customer’s wish, that’s the reason our customer oriented menu is always receives huge response and generates great foot fall. Our team is continuously in research and development to develop the South Indian earthy cuisines to bring it commercial.

We are experts in developing the menu in traditional South Indian and North Indian Food cuisines and also masters in concept development of our research cuisine Thalavai Nadu. We prepare the menu in innovative, fusion South Indian food to the need of quick service restaurant with contemporary touch.

Recipe is the embryo of the Menu; the recipe is standardized through stages of training. The standardization in recipe brings quality in product, Food cost management, staffing, Store management, yield, Portion size & Control, Systemized kitchen operation and cuts down the raw materials wastages.

Standardizing the recipe helps to strengthen the menu thus creates durability in our establishment.

Recipe development

Recipe Standardization

Preparing recipe document

Recipe Assemble

Trial Test

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