Guinness World Records title for the attempt of Largest Bean Salad by Chef M.S.Rajmohan

Bean Salad

Chef M.S.Rajmohan has achieved the Guinness World Records Title for the attempt of Largest Bean Salad at the Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Food Expo by Tamilnadu Chamber Foundation in Madurai on 15th August 2018. This bean salad was prepared in a customized huge stainless steel vessel; the weight of this vessel was 220 kg and the capacity of 2500 litres.

In all, 525 kg Bean varieties – lima beans (white and black), kidney beans, mung beans, black eyed beans, horse gram, garbanzo beans (white and black), green peas (75 kg) and groundnut (100 kg) – were used the main ingredients. Soaked for Nine hours, the beans were then boiled separately. Chefs used a stock of coriander leaves (12 kg), Salt (40 kg), raw mango (25 kg), Big onion (35 kg), Carrot (25 kg), Capsicum (15 kg), Potato (40 kg), Beetroot (20 kg), Cabbage (15 kg), Dry Red Chillies (06 kg), Green Chillies – 2 Kg, 17 litres vinegar, 150 pieces of lime, 35 coconuts and 30 litres of refined oil.

Guinness Certificate

The multiple beans and other ingredients were mixed in this customized vessel; final weight of the bean salad is 1121.6 kg. The team of 23 South India Chef’s Association (SICA) chefs and 60 Young Chefs from various Hotel Management institutes were participated to achieve this record breaking feat. It took eighteen hours to complete the entire preparation and arrangements of bean salad. This bean salad was attempted to create the awareness of healthy eating habits among public and to spread the importance of including beans in our diet. The top of this bean salad was given with Indian Tri color and finally this salad was distributed for general public consumption. This attempt is also entered into Asia Book of Records and Limca Book of records.

Watch this largest bean salad record attempt:

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